The Follower

Created by:

Taylor Swift1717




Kay, Ruby, Em, Grace, Elsa, The Follower

The Follower is a movie series on the game MovieStarPlanet created by Taylor Swift1717. The first episode was made on October 30, 2014.

Cast And Characters

There were 7 main characters in the series:

Kay- Played by Taylor Swift1717

Ruby- Played by Sammiekatt

Emma/Em- Played by ironmaidenn

Grace- Played by jancy Dash

Elsa- Played by Rapunza #1 fan

The Follower/Jewel/The Tornado- Played by Your Living Nightmare


Episode 1

Emma and Grace were very normal girls until Halloween Night one year. Then The Follower spotted them and went at them. Luckly for Em and Grace, Kay spotted The Follower targeting the girls before they knew what happened.

Episode 2

  • Kay
  • Grace
  • Ruby
  • The Follower
  • Emma
  • Elsa
  • Grace and Emma Sharing Halloween Treats
  • Ruby disgused as a "magical photo"
  • Ice
  • Bat?
  • "Joining ME?"
  • Kay's First Time As Monster
  • Confused Elsa Trys To Stop Ruby From Attack
  • Kay Thinking About Her Options
  • Ruby Attemps To Sneak Attack
  • Elsa Saves Grace At 3:00 AM
  • The Sea Spy Playing With Her Power
  • Ruby After The Limbo
  • The Tornado and Sea Spy Talking About The Follower's Past
  • Grace And Emma Learn About What The Follower Does/Is
  • Emma And Grace Got Their First Strike On Halloween Night