Taylor Swift1717 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 27 (Trendsetter Movie Star).


Taylor Swift1717, also known as Sabrina or Tay, logs on almost every other day to spin the starcoins wheels, watch movies, shop, and use the forums. She gained most of her fame from her movie "Stop Being Mean Online Number For", which has over 1,000 views, and her artbook "Easter Egg Artbook", which has over 400 loves. In addition, she also earns a lot of fame from watching other users' movies. Tay is best known for giving out autographs to other users.
Tay usually does not make movies because she loses interest in making them, but she will occasionally make short movies. She never makes any public artbooks, but in the past, they mostly got between 4-20 loves. She regularly makes looks of her cosplay and other outfits, and most of which are named "~".

Usual Appearance and Style

Taylor has gray eyes with black eye shadow, a pointed nose, pale skin, and dark purple "Perfect Pout" lips.

She was previously known for her outfits inspired by Draco Malfoy from the book series Harry Potter, but recently she has mostly been wearing outfits based on musical artists, characters, or Youtubers. When she is not wearing an outfit based off of a celebrity or character, she usually wears various glasses and sweaters, black boots, freckles, and "Sweet Stripes" socks in the colors black, white, teal, indigo, or magenta.


  • Her birthday is April 20th, and she shares her birthday with her fourth best friend, Rapunza #1 fan.
  • She is on this wiki under the username of Designer TayTay.
  • She has a Google+ account under the username Sabrina Malfoy.
  • She has a Youtube channel that can be found here.
  • Her real name is Sabrina.
  • A few of her favorite music artists include twenty one pilots, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Melanie Martinez, My Chemical Romance, Marina and The Diamonds, Zella Day, and BTS.
  • Her favorite Youtubers include PopularMMOs, GamingWithJen, danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, and theodd1sout.
  • She enjoys purchasing animations and has over 280.
  • Some of her favorite book series include Harry Potter, The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, and The Heroes Of Olympus.
  • She has UK and NL accounts under the username "Designer TayTay", CA and ES accounts under the username "spookay", a NZ account under the username "Dracy Malfoy", a FR account under the username "I Dun Care", AU accounts under the usernames "PopularMMØs" and "SuperGirlyyGamer", and an IE account under the username "Wiki Luck".
  • She has over 20 looks based off of Harry Potter characters and over 20 looks based off of musical artists.
  • She always has "Potterhead |" in her status.
  • Her favorite MovieStarPlanet themes are "Urban Witch", "Wicked Wonderland", "Fairy Kei", "Sweet Dolls", and "Baby Doll".
  • Her favorite song is "Message Man" by twenty one pilots.
  • She has over twenty Moviestarplanet accounts on the US server.