Sabrina Anderson is a book written by the user Plattenum.

Sabrina Anderson

(A Story of Fiction)

Chapter 1

It’s funny to think just yesterday Sabrina and I were laughing and talking with each other. It’s funny to think just yesterday Sabrina and I were planning a sleepover. It’s funny to think just yesterday Sabrina and I made up nicknames for each other

Too bad those are just memories.

When I walked into the classroom Monday morning, I knew something was wrong. The teachers were looking solemn, the room felt stuffy, and Sabrina’s desk was empty.

Sabrina never missed a day of school. She loved school and had perfect attendance. She was never sick, either. She hadn’t been sick in 5 years, not even with a simple cold. Something was terribly wrong.

“Where’s Sabrina?” I asked Maddy. She always knew the latest gossip so she was the go-to person.

Maddy wouldn’t look at me. “You’ll find out” Her voice cracked.

“Maddy, tell me!” I pleaded.

“You’ll find out” she repeated like a robot.

I sat down at my desk and started tapping it nervously.

“Okay class. I have some news for you” Miss Daniels said with zero enthusiasm.

I looked over at Maddy. She was crying.

Miss Daniels looked like she could cry too. “Sabrina...” she started. She tried again. “Sabrina... She....... Passed.”

The room started swirling around me. What she said, it couldn't be true. The tears came before I could stop them.

“How?” Carly asked, her voice quiet.

“This weekend, Sabrina got into a car accident. The doctors tried to save her, but they couldn’t.” Then Miss Daniels muttered “I’ve never seen anything like this before”. She took a deep breath. “Let’s just keep going through the day. Get out your pencils and turn to page 63 in your math book.”

I didn’t hear anything after that.


“She’s awake!”

“Isabelle! Are you okay?”

I sat up. All I saw was blurriness. “Where am I?”

Someone sat down by me. “The nurse’s office.”

"Mom! Why am I here?”

“You fainted”

The memories flooded back to me. “Sabrina...”

Mom patted my shoulder. “I know, it's sad. But we can’t change the past.”

I weeped into her arm and sobbed “I want her back! I want my best friend BACK!” I sat up and started punching the pillow behind me.

“Whoa. Calm down, Isabelle” the nurse said. She grabbed my arms and pulled me away. “Take a deep breath”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” I screamed at her.

“I’m going to take her to the counselor” the nurse told Mom. I didn’t object, and neither did Mom.

“What was your favorite thing about Sabrina?” the counselor, Miss Lee, asked me.

“I really liked how she was super kind and loyal, yet super silly at the same time. I also liked how she was very dedicated to school, she had perfect attendance and always had her homework done on time” I replied.

“What was your favorite thing to do with her?”

“I loved having sleepovers with her! They were so much fun with her. She always had the best games or activities. It was also when her silly side showed.”

“Would you like to draw a picture of her? It will remind you always of her and the fun memories you shared together.” She handed me a pack of colored pencils and paper and gave me a sympathetic smile.

“Okay” I responded, taking the colored pencils and paper from her.

I started by drawing a head. I pictured Sabrina in my mind. Sabrina had the most beautiful hair. I drew the way her dark blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and down her back in gorgeous locks. I drew her blue eyes that always reminded me of the ocean. I drew the smile that was always plastered on her face. She was a very happy, optimistic and upbeat girl. Then I drew a body, tall like she used to be, and I sketched her favorite outfit on top of it.

“That's a fantastic drawing!” Miss Lee commented. “You’re a very talented artist.”

I folded the drawing neatly and put it in the pocket of my jeans. I stood up to leave.

“Isabelle, you are always welcome back here. Stay strong!” Miss Lee waved goodbye. I sauntered out of the room and closed the door behind me. I pulled out the drawing I’d made of Sabrina, and burst into tears.

The second I arrived home, I sprinted up to my room and buried my face into my pillow. I thought to myself, Why did Sabrina have to die? Why couldn't it have been me? What did I ever do to get punished like this?

“Knock, knock” My 15-year-old sister Sophia said, knocking on the wall.

“Come in” I said sorrowfully, looking up from my pillow

Sophia sat on the bed and smiled sadly at me. “How you doing, Issy?”

“How do you think?” I snapped.

“Whoa, someone’s feisty!” Sophia said with a forced laugh.

“How would feel if the person who meant the most to you died?”

Sophia was silent for a moment. “I guess I would feel lots of different ways. I would feel sad that the person died. I would feel mad that the world, and even at myself, thinking it was my fault. Though, death isn't something that can be controlled. I would be confused, wondering why she had to die.”

I looked down. “Yeah.”

“I’m going to work on homework now. Bye.” Sophia walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

I reached over to my dresser and grabbed the photo album of Sabrina and I. We titled it “Best Friends Forever”. The picture on the front was of the 2 of us, Sabrina’s arm draped around my shoulders while we both smile hugely. I believe it was Sabrina’s birthday that day. Her last birthday.

I opened the photo album to the next page. The first photo was of us on the 1st day of school. There was a caption that read: “Today is the first day of school. Sabrina is psyched but Isabelle, not so much.”

The next photo was of us on the first day again. Only this time were laughing really hard. The caption said: “Sabrina just made a hilarious joke, and now she and Isabelle won’t stop laughing!”

I smiled at that one. Sabrina always had the best jokes. I turned the page.

This page has photos of my birthday sleepover. I had invited 5 friends: Sabrina, Faith, Rihanna, Carly and Mikayla. The sleepover ended up being 4 people though, because Rihanna got homesick and went home.

We had so much fun that day! The first photo showed us painting our nails. I had chosen “Sparkling Blue”, Sabrina chose “Vivid Violet”, Faith chose “Angelic White” and Carly chose “Orange Sunset”.

The next photo showed us doing Truth Or Dare. We had gathered into a tiny circle. I had gone first since it was my birthday, and I chose Sabrina to ask. Sabrina chose dare and I dared her to wrap toilet paper around her arm and tell my parents she broke her arm. She did it and my parents freaked out! They were just about to call her parents when she told them it was a dare and she didn't actually break it. The next photo showed Sabrina telling my parents that while they freaked out.

I sighed and closed the photo album. It was going to be a looooong year without Sabrina.

Chapter 2

1 Month Later

It has been one month since Sabrina’s death, and I still cry myself to sleep every night. I’m friendless now. My only friend had been Sabrina, and although me and Maddy sometimes talk, I wouldn't consider her a friend. Sabrina had another friend, Ashanti, but she never really talked to me.

School just keeps getting harder everyday. My grades had always been at least Bs, but now they are starting to fail. My English teacher, Mrs. Davidson, is even considering getting me a tutor!

When my report card came, my parents were not happy.

“A D in English?!” Mom gasped. “I thought you got As!

My face flushed. “Ever since Sabrina... I just can’t focus.”

Mom crossed her arms over her chest. “This is unacceptable! No more writing classes until you bring your grades back up!”

I felt my heart stop. “No more writing classes?! That’s not fair! That’s all I had left after Sabrina died! What has this cruel world come to?” I burst into tears and bolted to my room.

My face was in my dampened pillow when Mom walked in 10 minutes later. I slowly sat up and looked at her through my wet eyes.

“I won’t take your writing classes away, as I fear that will actually lower your grades, but you need to bring them up.

I sniffed and wiped a tear away. “I know, and you’re right. They would have lowered my grades”.

Mom gave me a sympathetic smile. “Maybe you should write a story about the 2 of you”.

“That’s a great idea! I can’t wait to drown in tears and misery!”

“I sense sarcasm”.

“Of course there's sarcasm! Writing won’t make me happy if it’s about Sabrina. It just won’t”.

Mom threw her hands up in the air. “I just can’t win, can I?”

“I guess not”.


Monday morning, I begged and pleaded my heart out to not go to school. She ended up having to heave me into the car while I wailed “No! I want to stay HOME!”

“You don’t have to ride the bus, but you are going to school” she told me sternly.

I pouted stubbornly, but reluctantly buckled my seatbelt.

Torture. That's the one word to describe school for me. Adults kept pestering me with questions such as “Are you alright?” or “Is there anything I can do to help you?”. My replies were simply “Yes” and No, I’m good”.

My classmates were even worse. They avoided me like I was ebola or something. When I tried to talk to someone, even though they tried to hide it, I’d see their face twist into disgust, I didn’t understand why people avoided me just because of Sabrina’s death. It was agonizing.

When I got home, I suddenly couldn’t take it anymore. It was as if my sorrow and grief had been building up inside me until this moment.

“I HATE LIFE!” I screeched, throwing myself against my wall. Pain shot through my body, but I didn’t care. I pounded the wall until my mom, dad and sister came into my room, startled and perplexed.

“Isabelle! Stop it!” Sophia cried, her eyes filled with fear.

Dad gripped my hands and pulled them back. I struggled against his strength, then gave up and sagged against his shoulder. Sobbing, I whimpered “Why does life have to be so horrible?” Mom patted my back. “Everything will be alright” she whispered reassuringly. “Everything will be alright”.

The next morning I woke to rain pounding on the roof. I sauntered to my window and watched the raindrops fall from the sky towards the ground. Most people find rain depressing, but I find it comforting. It’s like me and the rain have a special connection.

“The rain must be pretty entertaining, huh?” a voice remarked from behind me, I swiveled around and saw Sophia standing there.

“I don’t know, the rain just really comforts me”.

“Me too” Sophia replied. “I guess rain does that to people”.

“I suppose you’re right”.

Sophia patted my shoulder and left. I didn’t say another word.


The classroom’s vibe felt very cheery the next day, which opposed how I felt. Miss Daniels stepped to the front of the room with a broad smile.

“I have exciting news! A new student has come!”

The classed clapped and whooped. I half-heartedly clapped with them and thought to myself, “The only reason we’re getting a new girl is because Sabrina left.”

Miss Daniels made a gesture with her hands, and a girl shyly walked in,. She had waist-length black hair that was so flat it made me jealous. She had pink framed glasses and wore a sunny yellow dress, covered in pink flowers. She stared down at her shoes, which made me think she was embarrassed.

“This is Adella! Why don’t you tell us about yourself?”

“Um, I’m from Idaho” She began in a soft voice.

“What else?”

“I love to sing, play violin, and draw” She continued, a little louder.

“Go on” Miss Daniels urged. “Tell them the fascinating facts your father told me”.

Adella blushed. “Um, I won a talent competition back in Idaho, singing the National Anthem and playing my violin at the same time”.

My mouth fell open. It took quite a bit of talent to sing AND play an instrument. I can’t even sing or play an instrument separately. This girl already impressed me, and I haven’t known her more than a couple minutes. Adella must’ve seen it because she grinned at me. Miss Daniels pointed her to the only empty seat: Sabrina’s old seat. She sat down.

“You can’t sit there” I hissed at her.

Adella gave me a quizzical look. “Why not?”

"Because my best friend used to sit there and she’s dead.” I couldn’t believe how easily that slipped out of my mouth. Adella’s eyes widened but she gave a very logical response. “This is the only empty seat. Therefore, I have to sit here.”

I slumped in my chair. She was wiping off all the memories of Sabrina!

At lunch, Adella asked if she could sit with me, which caught me by surprise considering what I said to her earlier. I wanted to yell “No! You’re wiping off all the memories of my best friend!”, but instead I shrugged, forced a smile, and said “Sure!” as cheerfully as possible. Adella smiled and gracefully sat down, which made me shift uncomfortably in my seat. After a couple minutes of eating, a little bit of food slipped onto her lovely dress. She gasped when she realized she didn’t have a napkin on her.

“Oh no, the princess spilled food on herself” I thought to myself, but out loud I said “Here, let me help you.” I grabbed my napkin and gently wiped her dress clean. She smiled at me gratefully and said “Thanks so much!”.

“You’re welcome” I replied, trying my best to keep the snarkiness out of my voice.

“Your best friend was lucky to have you” Adella said softly. My back stiffened and I avoided making eye contact with her. When I didn’t answer, she added “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you sad”.

I continued to ignore her, and we ate the rest of lunch in silence.


“So I hear there’s a new girl at school” Mom began as soon as I walked through the door after school. I set my backpack on the counter and ignored her. “I hear you’re friends with her” she continued.

My head jerked up. Now I was listening, “We’re not friends” I snapped.

“Why not?”

I crossed my arms over my chest. “Because she’s annoying.”

“You haven’t even gotten to know her yet. She’s probably really nice. Give her a chance, please. You don’t have any friends and I really want you to have one.”

Mom always knows how to find my weaknesses. I decided that I really hadn’t given her a chance and I was being kind of mean and unfair. I uncrossed my arms and reluctantly told her “Alright, alright. I’ll give her a second chance.”

Chapter 3

3 Months Later

It has been 3 months and counting since Sabrina’s death and Adella and I have grown quite close since then. We created inside jokes, planned sleepovers, and even nicknamed each other. All the things Sabrina and I did and were supposed to still be doing. But, thanks to Adella, I think my grieving and emotional pain has finally come to an end. I am very glad Mom made me give Adella a second chance.

It was a Saturday morning and I was home alone, lying in my bed, reading a book, when I heard a knock on my window. I rolled my eyes. “Not now, Adella!” I yelled. I was starting to regret telling Adella about the tree. “Can it wait?”

“No, it cannot wait!” A muffled, familiar voice replied, then added, “And who’s Adella?”

Then it hit me who it was, and I literally fell off my bed and screamed. In an attempt to be calm, I thought to myself, Stop jumping to conclusions, Isabelle. It’s not Sabrina. She’s dead because that darned car hit her. It must be a prank!

I darted to my window and came face-to-face with Sabrina. Or, the face of Sabrina anyways. I opened my window halfway and shouted “Alright, this is not funny! Whoever’s prank this is, knock it off!”

Sabrina blinked. “This isn’t a prank. It’s really me. Your best friend.”

I arched my eyebrow suspiciously and asked her a question only the real Sabrina would know. “What’s my underwear size?”

She grinned. “Easy. 18.”

I screamed. “Oh. My. Gosh. It’s you! It’s really you!!! But wait, how is this possible? The car... the accident... it was all a lie?”

She nodded. “I’m sorry, I really hadn’t wanted to lie to everyone. I was trying to protect myself.”

“Protect yourself?”

Her smile faded. “I did something really bad, Isabelle. Really bad!”

My eyes widened. “What did you do?”

She bit her lip. “I can’t tell you.”

“Do your parents know about everything?” She nodded. “It was my parents idea to fake my death to cover up my tracks.” Then she leaned in close. “You cannot tell anyone, okay? Not even Adella. Please, Isabelle. You’re lucky I convinced my parents to tell you anything.”

My head felt as though it would explode from all this sudden information. “I promise” I replied quietly. After all the information settled in, my excitement faded, replaced with anger. “I can’t believe you would do this to me, Sabrina. Do you realize how much pain you have put me through?”

Sabrina shrank and lowered her pleading eyes. “I’m sorry. I really am. But since when we’re best friends, you can forgive me, right?”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think we are best friends anymore. I have a new best friend, Adella, who doesn’t lie to the entire world. I was able to forgive you for dying, but now that I know the truth, I don’t think I can forgive you.” I forcefully slammed the window shut and hopped back onto my bed, but I no longer felt relaxed. Thoughts swirled in my brain like a hurricane. How could she do this? She was my best friend! Where has she been hiding for the past 3 months? How’d she get here without being caught? Eventually my thoughts lulled me into a long, dreamless sleep.


I woke up at around noon, praying that this morning’s occurrence had been a dream. But when I felt how much my heart ached, I knew it had been real. I groaned and rolled onto my side, suddenly feeling extremely nauseous. What I had said before going to sleep had been very cruel. She had only been protecting herself, and I didn't even know the full story. If I had been in the same situation as Sabrina, would I have done the same?

I leaned over the side of my bed and let all of the pain of today spill out onto the floor.

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