Princess Ivy
Princess Ivy

Character From:

Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy

Portrayed by:

Anna Camp

Main character:

In the episode, yes

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Princess Ivy is the main antagonist of the Sofia the First special The Curse of Princess Ivy.


The Curse Of Princess Ivy

Amber took Sofia's amulet to have a try. She was cursed by having Princess Ivy summoned. Ivy complemented and chatted with Amber for a while. Leaving the room, she told her butterflies to turn the kingdom black and white. Upon meeting Sofia, she (Sofia) didn't understand why Ivy was here and Princess Ivy showed her true personality. Then she broke into a song about her past. She was jealous when her sister became queen and tried to overthrow her to become queen herself. She was caught and was marooned on a deserted island for 10 years, and the amulet freed her. She learned the amulet could also send her back, so she stole it, knowing she had to destroy it. Ivy sent her butterflies to eavesdrop on Sofia and Amber talking to Cedric about the problem and learned only the dragon Everburn's fire could destroy it. She escaped to Blazing Palisades, his home, and requested him to destroy it. The girls and Cedric followed and Ivy couldn't have it destroyed anymore after Everburn saw how Ivy treated them. They all returned to the black and white kingdom, only to see Princess Ivy erase many people's memory. After she erased the king and queen's memory for the day, Ivy truly felt she was queen and sat on the throne. Ivy had lost the amulet, but she still was going to use her memory-erasing dragonflies on Amber and Sofia. Ivy aimed for Sofia, but Amber saved Sofia and broke the curse. Princess Ivy's powers no longer worked, and soon disappeared in an explosion of black and white. The kingdom was back from Ivy's liking and normal, yet the people with memory loss don't remember (including Amber, only Sofia knows everything).


Princess Ivy had the power to summon butterflies or dragonflies. Her butterflies turned anything they landed on black or white, and her dragonflies erased someone's memory based on how many times it stung them.

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