May 11th, 1858


Land Of 10,000 Lakes, Gopher State

Minnesota is the 32nd state of the United States. It's the 12th largest and 21st most populous state.

State Symbols

State... Answer
Bird Common Loon
Flower Lady Slipper
Bug Monarch Butterfly
Tree Red Pine
Fruit Honeycrisp Apple


Minnesota was a huge spot for fur trading in the past. American Indians such as the Dakota and Ojibwe lived there, and they traded with the Europeans with furs they hunted. They hunted beavers, otters, and more.

Famous Places

There are many famous places in Minnesota. The biggest one is The Mall Of America, located in Bloomington.. It's the biggest mall in the united states, it's as big as 78 football fields! Another famous place is the Largest Ball Of Twine, located in Darwin. It was later renamed largest ball of twine made by one man because there's a ball in Kansas others can add on to.


  • Minnesota has 90,000 miles of shoreline, more than California, Florida and Hawaii combined.
  • The stapler, rollerblades, and the pacemaker were all invented in Minnesota.
  • Minnesota had the first Diary Queen.
  • Minnesota is known as the healthiest US state.
  • The users Plattenum and BocaBubblezUSMSP lives in MN.
  • There are 11,482 lakes in Minnesota