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MSPCPMH101 was an active user on 7Wizards. She was level 9.

Joining 7Wizards

SilkySwirl had told MSPCPMH101 about 7Wizards in summer 2014. MSPCPMH claimed she would join as soon as she got home from Hawaii, where she was at the time. However, she did not. After time, MSPCPMH forgot about it. Then in winter 2014/2015, Silky shot a reminder about the game and MSPCPMH101 made her account. She almost didn't join because "it sounds like Wizard101" and she didn't think she'd like it. It was nothing like Wizard101! She got help and gifts from Miyuki and SilkySwirl and found herself overpowering others.


Ginny was the name of MSPCPMH101's Pinka pet. She got her not long after she joined and leveled her up well. Her pet was a great help to her in fights. She mostly took Ginny out before she went to bed so she could get in one good win before her night's meditation. But one night, she awoke to see her pet dead! Along with this, she received a message from PurpleSwirl saying she was sorry for killing Ginny. MSPCPMH101 kindly accepted this and started saving to revive Ginny. But once she was revived, she found her dead once more. She tried to revive again. But she found her pet dieing rather often. Sometimes she attacked people too strong, and yet Ginny died for foolish reasons. 


Because SilkySwirl had been helping her, MSPCPMH101 naturally joined Unknown. She was accepted in by Arslanarslan because Silky has already asked if MSPCPMH101 could join. Easily the lowest level, she didn't know what to expect. She noticed they had talked about her before she joined, but nothing bad. She was looking forward to clan wars and dying to know what they were. She was in the clan for 2 clan wars, both lost. One day, Dilillili messaged her saying she was considering making her own clan. It sounded interesting to MSPCPMH101, and they talked more about it. MSPCPMH decided she was going to do it. She quit Unknown with a long message goodbye and her clan timer started. Dil and her talked about the clan up until they could make it. Dil made it and named it Echium Nivalis. They had 3 members but they have others to ask.


MSPCPMH101 had 21 friends before the game stopped:

  • Black
  • Arslanarslan
  • Miyuki
  • Wizone
  • Merlin
  • Silkyswirl
  • Princess_Elsa
  • Zoinkscom
  • Ihb
  • Tainting
  • Venom
  • Ashy
  • Airhead
  • Tap_Shoe_Girl
  • Devil
  • Sorcerer
  • Absolzoey
  • Magician
  • Daniel
  • Swallowz
  • Ginny

About Me

"Stop Socializing With The Enemy!"

Message To Enemy

"Don't you worry child. I'm unforgettable and unforgivable. And the world will not be the same after this fight."