HUMAN is a cover of Christina Perri's song Human. The cover doesn't exist on the internet. The edited lyrics were written by PetStarPlanet. The song is about Papyrus from Undertale who wants to capture a human so that he can become popular... until he changes his mind. The "she" in this song refers to Undyne and in most cases, "they" refers to the human.


I can solve junior jumble
I can cook spaghetti
I can set traps for days if that's what she wants
Be her number one

I can throw some bones
I can force Sans to lift his sock
I can unleash my special attack if that's what she wants
Show her all I am

I can do it
I can do it
I can do it

I'll capture a human
And then I'll join the Royal Guard
I'll capture a human
And then I'll be popular

My name's in everyone's head
I'm in everyone's heart
The king will build a sculpture of me that won't fall apart
Cause I'll capture a human, yeah

I can turn it on
Use this good machine
I can hold the weight of a human if that's what she needs
Be her everything

I can do it
I can do it

Now I'm fighting the human
I won't bleed, I won't fall down
I'm fighting the human
I won't crash, I won't break down

But their words in my head
They don't have a knife, they have a heart
And they build me up when I fall apart
Cause they're an awesome human, yeah

I met a human
I met a human
I might love a human

I can date them now
Meet them at my house

Cause I'm dating a human
And their dating power's strong
I'm dating a human
I thought I was the best but I was wrong

Their words in my head
And I'm in their heart
But I don't feel the same so our love falls apart
They're the only human, yeah

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